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Pro-Abortion Pediatrician Kim Schrier: Government-Forced: Every Vaccination-Every Child-Birth to Teenager!!!


Wow! If Kim had her way, my daughter would have had EVERY vaccination (no matter its ingredients)! Nothing like "Big Brother" & "Big Pharma" forcing every chemical they can make money from, into my daughter's body! No thank you! Especially Kim, since you're not interested in researching for the safest ingredients & manufacturing processes possible! Just another medical doctor paid to promote the money system! Do you even know the manufacturing processes??? 

"I wholeheartedly support policies that lead to higher immunization rates and any role the government can play in reaching an end goal of having every medically eligible child in this country immunized. This is our responsibility to our children and to our community at large." Source from 2018 election campaign:

As the Father I am, my daughter is so healthy today as the teenager she is! Why? Because we were "conservative" and had administered to her those vaccinations we found were most sensible, as related to pros & cons, potential benefits & guaranteed risks!

We refused to just "buy into" the "big government", medical & pharmaceutical money game system that thinks it knows best for every parent and their child! Kim is part of that "system" by her own admission above.


  "Practicing" Medicine is $BIG Busine$$/BIG Profit$

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