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Tuesday, August 4, 2020 3:50 AM

DRAIN the WA State, District #8 Congressional Swamp!


DRAIN the WA State, District #8 Congressional Swamp!



Sunday, August 2, 2020 7:30 PM

Pastor Shares/Announces James Mitchell's Congressional Race


Pastor Shares/Announces James Mitchell's Congressional Race


Thursday, July 30, 2020 2:51 AM

Dr. Paul Cottrell Interviews Congressional Candidate James Mitchell!!!


Dr. Paul Cottrell Interviews Congressional Candidate James Mitchell!!!



Wednesday, July 29, 2020 1:10 PM

ZOOM Interview 07/28/20: James' Congressional PLAN Explained!!!


ZOOM Interview 07/28/20: James' Congressional PLAN Explained!!!



Monday, July 20, 2020 7:42 AM

NATIONAL Prayer Chain for "Pro-Life for Whole Life" Victory in WA State District #8!!!


Click Image below for PDF OR Paste THIS text into an EMAIL to forward to ALL your Christian FRIENDS/FAMILY who KNOW Prayer WORKS!!!:

This letter from Washington by James Mitchell for US Congress and Elaina Joye Gonzalez for Governor asks EVERY "Pro-Life" Christian receiving this email to “PRAY-IT-FORWARD”…

Dear Pro-Life Christian Brother/Sister,

YOU CAN IMPACT this year’s 2020 elections!  God is showing us HOW every "Pro-Life" Christian will HELP win a MAJOR Primary Race: WA State! 

This is our "PRO-LIFE" Christians’ GREATEST tool: A Prayer-Chain!!!  Please forward this letter to your "PRO-LIFE" Christian friends who will then forward it as well!  We KNOW by God’s Grace this letter will land in the hands of tens of thousands in Washington State. 

Together, we CAN beat: "abortion and MANDATORY-child-vaccine-pusher" Kim Schrier! She of course, has the support of the AMA, as a pediatrician, PLUS Planned Parenthood AND Big Pharma!!!

 With your prayer support, we CAN see a Victory of Biblical proportion, in God raising up this little fearless "David" for God to SLAY the $20 MILLION Goliath, who beat a good man two years ago, from her "Special Interest" money! We don't need her money! We just need your PRAYERS for God to MOVE the Voters!!!

Jude 20:  “Dear friends, build each other up, pray in the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Can we, "Pro-Life" Christians pray forward this letter within the next 48 hours?  Yes WE CAN!!! Then we thank God for your collective help on behalf of the millions of unborn American babies!!! For the JOBS, WAGES, EDUCATION, HOUSING Mr. Mitchell will bring from God's revelations to him on HOW to accomplish ALL of this!!!

There is Good News: Mark 10:43: Jesus says: “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.”  If you serve God by doing this one small task, you will not only be great, but also save America from the evil ones plaguing our nation today.

Mathematical reality is that by "E-Blasting" our "Pro-Life" Christians, this WILL happen:

  1. There are 2.4B Christians in the world; USA has 330M where 80% are Christian.
  2. Washington state has 7.6M residents or 1 of 43 Americans, thus when each "Pro-Life" Christian emails to their/your "Pro-Life" Christians this email- regardless where each lives or party affiliation - tens of thousands of "Pro-Life" Christians in Washington will get a copy of this email to recirculate among themselves.

PLEASE forward this letter to your "Pro-Life" Christian friends/family for our precious, God-created babies!  Then on Aug 4th we will have won our Primary Race running collectively as "Pro-Life Christians! Jesus said: "where two or more are gathered..." We MUST gather and harness this Power of Prayer collectively! It is TIME for a "Mighty Move of GOD" in the Pacific NW!!! Revival will come from THIS Election Victory that is FOR God!!! If God be FOR us, WHO can be against us???

Finally: Donald Trump was surrounded NATIONALLY & by Israel PRAYING in prayer chains for America on Election Day 2016!!! If it could happen for our Presidential Election, this can ALSO happen for WA State, which was the FIRST state to legalize abortion (three years prior to Roe v Wade!).

Prayerfully AND Faithfully Yours,


James Mitchell                                and                 Elaina Joye Gonzalez

Pro-Life Democrat                                                 Pro-Life Independent

Candidate for US Congress                                Candidate for Governor
Washington State, District #8                             State of Washington
"Uniting Us All for a Better Life"                       “Uniting US All to a Better Life”

(206) 423-0764 Direct                                            (509) 264-4082  Direct                           

CLICK BELOW for PDF to Save & Email:


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